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Egg Powder  Poland

One of the main leaders of egg processing market in Europe. 

The company has implemented and certified the food safety management system according to BRC Food Safety and environmental management system according to ISO 14001. Implemented and certified food safety management system according to FSSC 22000 and simultaneous use of modern technology guarantee high quality and health safety of products. 




Hybitex Thailand

Hybitex is a special formula which is used as a binding agent, mainly in meat processing. it can be one of the professional raw materials to improve the texture to meet the international standard.

  •  Absorbs water(increase yields)

  • Capability of forming gels by heating

  •  Can be used as a key ingredient to improve the texture


Cloudy Agent Taiwan


Clouding agents  are type of food additive used to make beverages such as fruit juices to look more cloudy, and thus more natural-looking and visually appealing.

  •  Sugar application range

  •  Odorless, no impurities, no floating and settling of particles phenomena

  •  Do not contain any preservatives, no need freezing or refrigerating

  •  No addition of density regulator SAIB

Appplication  : Beverangej, Jelly, Almond Tofu, White coloring, etc.



15 November 2019

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